Adjunct Associate Professor


Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Biochemistry, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, NUS.
Principal Investigator, Institute of Medical Biology, A*STAR.
Investigator, Singapore Stem Cell Consortium, A*STAR.

Research Interest

* Translational control,
* Embryonic stem cell differentiation,
* Cardiac and neuronal differentiation,
* Cancer stem cells.

Selected Publications

  1. Sampath, P., Mazumder, B., Seshadri, V., and Fox, P.L. Transcript-selective translational silencing by gamma interferon is directed by a novel structural element in the ceruloplasmin mRNA 3’ untranslated region. Mol. Cell. Biol. 23: 1509-1519, 2003.

  2. Mazumder, B., Sampath, P., Seshadri, V., Maitra, R. K., DiCorleto, P. E., and Fox, P. L. Regulated release of L13a from the 60S ribosomal subunit as a mechanism of transcript-specific translational control. Cell 115, 187-198, 2003.

  3. Sampath, P., Mazumder, B., Seshadri, V., Gerber, C.A., Chavatte, L., Kinter, M., Ting, S.M., Dignam, J.D., Kim, S., Driscoll, D. M., and Fox, P. L., Non- canonical Function of Glutamyl-prolyl-tRNA Synthetase: Gene-specific Silencing of Translation. Cell 119, 195-208, 2004

  4. Mazumder, B., Sampath, P., and Fox, P. L., Regulation of macrophage ceruloplasmin gene expression: one paradigm of 3’-UTR-mediated translational control. Mol Cells 2005 Oct 31; 20(2): 167-72.

  5. Mazumder, B., Sampath, P., and Fox, P. L., Translational control of ceruloplasmin gene expression: beyond the IRE. Biol Res. 2006; 39(1):59-66.

  6. Sampath, P., Pritchard, D.K., Pabon, L., Reinecke, H., Schwartz, S. M., Morris, D.R., and Murry, C.E., A Hierarchical Network Controls Protein Translation during Murine Embryonic Stem Cell Self-Renewal and Differentiation. Cell Stem Cell, Vol 2, 448-460, 08 May 2008.