Lim Yoon Pin’s laboratory of Molecular and Translational Cancer Research

Collaborators and projects with LYP

Marius Sudol
Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology,
WBP2 and Hippo signaling
Chua Kim Lee
Department of Biochemistry,
National University of Singapore
Comparative proteomics between drug sensitive and resistant Acinetobacter baumannii
Pieter Eichhorn
Cancer Science Institute of Singapore,
Centre for Translational Medicine,
National University of Singapore
Mapping of ubiquitination sites on target protein
Tai E Shyong
Department of Medicine, National University of Singapore
Projects – Phosphoproteomics of insulin resistance in human muscle cells
Hong Wan Jin/Chan Siew Wee,
Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology,
WBP2 and Hippo pathway
David Virshup,
WBP2 and Wnt pathway
Teh Ming,
Dept of Pathology,
National University of Singapore
Biomarkers in Gastric Cancer
Yeoh Khay Guan,
Department of Medicine,
National University of Singapore
Biomarkers and Molecular Imaging for early detection of gastric cancer
Christian Harteneck,
Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology,
University of Tuebingen, Germany
Ca2+ channel in breast cancer metastasis
Low Boon Chuan,
Mechanobiology Institute,
National University of Singapore
Signal transduction of cell movement
Jonanthan Loh
Institute of Medical Biology
Transcriptional networks in stem cells
Tan Puay Hoon
Department of Pathology
Singapore General Hospital
Novel oncogenes for molecular pathology
Timothy Megraw
College of Medicine Florida State University, USA
Centrosomal protein and cell cycle regulation
Patrick Tan,
Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School
Biomarker and drug target discovery in cancer
Louis Tong,
Singapore Eye Research Institute
WBP2 in Pterygium
Yu Qiang
Genome Institute of Singapore, A*STAR
Oncogenes, Epigenetics and Therapy
Anand D Jeyasekharan
Department of Medicine, NUS
H. Pylori and gastric cancer
Alexandra Pietersen
National Cancer Centre
Mammary stem cell regulation
J. Sivaraman
Department of Biological Sciences, NUS
Crystallization studies of WBP2
Thomas Putti
Department of Pathology, NUS
Molecular Pathology of Breast Cancer
Madhusudhan M.S.
Bioinformatics Institute, A*Star
Computer modelling of protein interaction