Mass Spectrometry Facility

List of Users

No Collaborators Organisation Project
1. Tai E-Shyong National University Hospital phosphoproteomics of insulin signaling and resistance
2. Reshma Taneja Dept of Physiology, NUS Protein Protein Interactions
3. Chua Kim Lee Dept of Biochemistry, NUS Expression profiling of Acinetobacter species
4. Pieter Eichhorn Cancer Science Institute of Singapore Mapping Ubiquitinylation sites on SMURF2
5. Rozita Rosli Universiti Putra Malaysia Breast Cancer
6. Garcia-Blanco Lab Duke-NUS ERI3 project
7. Teh Bin Hean National Cancer Centre of Singapore PB1 project
8. Paul Anantharajah Tambyah / Ho Bow Department of Medicine / Microbiology, NUS Peptide stability project
9. Anand Jeyasekharan Department of Medicine, NUS Gastric cancer Biomarker discovery project
10. Ng Chin Hin National University Cancer Institute Leukemia Biomarker discovery project
11. Chng Wee Joo Cancer Science Institute of Singapore Proteomics of cancer drug resistance
12. Simon Cool Institute of Medical Biology Proteomics of mouse ES cells following FGF treatment
13. Wang Xueying National University of Singapore Proteomics of TERT-induced Fibroblast immortalization
14. Kanaga Sabapathy National Cancer Centre Singapore Phosphorylation sites identification on candidate genes following stress induction
15. Yoshiaki Ito/Dominic Woon Cancer Science Institute of Singapore Proteomics of side vs non-side population of gastric cancer cell lines
16. Fu Xin-Yuan Biochemistry Department/CSIS Analysis of epigenetics protein complexes
17. Daniel Tenen Cancer Science Institute of Singapore Acetylation sites identification on candidate genes
18. Ng Kar Hui School of Public Health, NUS Phosphosite analysis of TRPC6
19. Mary Ng Department of Microbiology, NUS Dengue virus proteomics
20. Fu Xin-Yuan Department of Biochemistry, NUS Mapping protein interaction complexes
21. Xu Feng Singapore Institute of Clinical Sciences Mapping Acetylation sites on target proteins
21. Louis Tong Singapore Eye Research Institute Proteomics of Pterygium