Mass Spectrometry Facility

At the moment, the facility operates on the basis of collaborative service i.e., not-for-profit. The fee charged is meant to compensate the cost from sample preparation to mass spectrometric data analysis. The turnover period for result delivery may vary, depending on the service demand at that particular time. A typical turnover is about 3-4 weeks.

A chart showing the charges for the most common applications is shown below:

Mass spectrometry charges (includes sample preparation, database searching)Fee (SG$)
Single protein ID from SDS-PAGE gel using LC-MS100/protein
Expression profiling using 8-plex iTRAQ3,500.00
Expression profiling using 4-plex iTRAQ2,500.00

Note 1 – Pricing (in SGD) indicated is for NUS users only. Non-NUS users, please contact facility.
Note 2 – Pricing (in SGD) is highly subsidized as we work on a collaborative service basis.
Note 3 – All prices (in SGD) are before GST
Note 4 – For services not listed here or to find out more information, please contact facility.

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A Simple 3-Step Standard Operating Procedure to obtain your proteomics data:
Step 1: Initiate collaborative service.
Step 2: Arrange for consultation on experimental design and sample preparation.
Step 3: Barring any unforeseen circumstances, analysis will be performed in about 3 weeks following step 2.