Mass Spectrometry Facility

Users' Feedback

"We were interested in analysing post translational modifications by Mass Spec analyses of our protein of interest, including ubiquitination. Although not trivial Dr. Lim's group provided important suggestions on how to ensure accurate results in our experiments. The Mass Spec results and analyses were very good and Dr. Lim was always readily available to answer any questions and aid in the making of publication quality figures."

Pieter Eichhorn,
Cancer Science institute.

"We recently used the Mass Spectrometry Facility in the Department of Biochemistry, NUS to confirm the identity of GST-tagged human ERI3 expressed in a bacterial host. The service provided was professional, the turn around time was very quick and the results and analysis were presented and explained very clearly. Dr. Lim's team responded to all enquires quickly and effectively. We were very happy with the service."

Leah Read,
Lab manager,
PI: Mariano Garcia-Blanco,
Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School.

"Dr Lim and his group members gave valuable advices and helped find a method which was suitable for analysis of small tissues. The mass spec experiment, data analysis and interpretation were processed professionally and in timely manner. We are in the middle of writing a manuscript using these data. We are very happy and satisfied with the services and will continue collaborate with Dr Lim’s mass spec group."

A/Prof Louis Tong,
Head, Ocular Wound Healing & Therapeutics Research Group,
Singapore Eye Research Institute.

"LYP and co-workers were extremely helpful, always ready for discussions, had innovative suggestions to overcome problems and successfully established a procedure to achieve our goal."

Dr Xu Feng,
Principal Investigator, Growth, Development and Metabolism Programme,
Singapore Institute of Clinical Sciences.

"We have enjoyed the efficient and fruitful service from your facility, which we feel quite satisfied in terms of high quality and low cost. From the beginning, we have very relevant advice to design and perform the experiment, this is rarely available from other facilities and we benefit a lot in this way. We are even trained briefly to use the analysis software to get a better understanding of the result, and help extracting the real target which we can validate more easily. Overall, we appreciate the excellent service and would recommend it to other researchers."

Lin Xinyu,
Research Fellow,
PI: Professor Fu Xin-Yuan Cancer Science Institute, Singapore.

"The data was indeed useful (we are in the process of publishing a manuscript based on some of the results) and I am happy with the services rendered. I thought it was carried out in a professional and timely manner. I would certainly be back should I ever need the services again."

Professor Rozita Rosli,
UPM-MAKNA Cancer Research Laboratory,
Institute of Bioscience,
Universiti Putra Malaysia.

“We are very much satisfied by the expertise of your service in terms of data collection, data processing and result interpretation to confirm the identity of the protein samples. In addition your advice in trouble shooting during the sample preparation has helped us to obtain good results."

Dr. Krupakar Parthasarathy,
Research Fellow,
P.I: Prof Ng Mah Lee Mary,
Flavivirology Laboratory,
Department of Microbiology,
National University of Singapore.

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