Oi Lian KON

Honorary Joint Professor

+65 6436 8307


Honorary Joint Professor, Department of Biochemistry, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, NUS.
Division Head (Medical Sciences), National Cancer Centre Singapore.

Research Interest

Gastric cancer Cell therapy of metabolic diseases.

Selected Publications

  1. Tao J, Deng NT, Ramnarayanan K, Huang B, Oh HK, Leong SH, Lim SS, Tan IB, Ooi CH, Wu J, Lee M, Zhang S, Rha SY, Chung HC, Smoot DT, Ashktorab H, Kon OL, Cacheux V, Yap C, Palanisamy N, Tan P. CD44-SLC1A2 gene fusions in gastric cancer. Science Translational Medicine 2011;3:77ra30.

  2. Guo T, Lee SS, Ng WH, Zhu Y, Gan CS, Zhu J, Wang H, Huang S, Sze SK, Kon OL. Global molecular dysfunctions in gastric cancer revealed by an integrated analysis of the phosphoproteome and transcriptome. Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 2011;68:1983-2002.

  3. Guo T, Zhu Y, Gan CS, Lee SS, Zhu J, Wang H, Li X, Christensen J, Huang S, Kon OL, Sze SK. Quantitative proteomics discloses MET expression in mitochondria as a direct target of MET kinase inhibitor in cancer cells. Molecular & Cellular Proteomics 2010;9:2629-2641.

  4. Chen NKF, Tan SY, Udolph G, Kon OL. Insulin expressed from endogenously active glucose-responsive EGR1 promoter in bone marrow mesenchymal stromal cells as diabetes therapy. Gene Therapy 2010;17:592-605.

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