Flow Cytometer


BD FACSCanto™ II system is an easy-to-use benchtop analyzer that delivers proven performance, accuracy, and high-quality results. Our BD FACSCanto II is configured with two lasers to detect seven colours. It features many innovations, including a true fixed alignment flow cell to minimize startup time and improve reproducibility. The optical system maximizes signal detection and increases sensitivity and resolution for each color in a multicolour assay. It provides a high degree of automation and quality control, with optimal reproducibility.


  • Lasers
    1. Air-cooled:
    2. 488-nm solid state, 20-mW laser output
    3. 633-nm HeNe, 17-mW laser output
  • Optical Alignment Procedure
    1. Fixed, no operator alignment required
  • Flow Cell
    1. 180 x 430-μm rectangular quartz flow cell
    2. Collection Optics
    3. Optical-gel coupled 1.2 NA lens
  • FSC Resolution
    1. 1.0 μm
  • SSC Resolution
    1. 0.5 μm
  • Blue Laser Dyes
    1. FITC, PE, PerCP or PerCP-Cy™5.5, PE-Cy™7 (525, 575, 678 or 695, 785 nm)
  • Red Laser Dyes
    1. APC, APC-Cy7 (660, 785 nm)
  • Detector Bands
    1. Blue Laser: 530/30; 585/42; >670; 780/60 nm
    2. Red Laser: 660/20; 780/60 nm

  • General Operation
    1. Integrated fluidics cart and compressor with onboard housekeeping solutions for automated startup, shutdown, and cleaning cycles
  • Max Particle Size
    1. 50 μm
  • Sample Flow Rate, Min
    1. 10 μL/min
  • Sample Flow Rate, Max
    1. 120 μL/min
  • Sample Acquisition Rate
    1. 10,000 events/second, 6 compensated fluorescence parameters and 2 scatter parameters
  • Sample Dead Volume
    1. 30 μL (BD Falcon™ tubes 12 x 75-mm)

  • BD FACSDiva™ v6.1.3
  • BD FACSCanto™ clinical v2.2 or 2.4
  • Flow cytometry and multicolour analysis.

Operating Hours

Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday, 8.30 am – 8.30 pm daily.

For night usage after 8.30 pm, please kindly inform A/P Tang Bor Luen at and Dr Yap Lai Lai at , at least 3 days prior to use.


Booking (Users at Department of Biochemistry)

  1. Operating hours: Monday to Sunday, 8.30 am to 8.30 pm.
  2. Priority booking on Fridays, 8.30 am to 5.30 pm, is granted to other NUHS users.
  3. Minimum booking per slot is 30 minutes. For booking of >3 hours or after 8.30 pm, please inform and , at least 3 days prior to use.
  4. Please book online prior to use through Department Core Facilities Booking System booking system //hippo/cfbs/ (Must be on NUS Network) and indicate the following in the booking calendar:
  5. Full name / lab / contact no. / trained by BD Biosciences or others (name)
  6. Access to “Flow Cytometer” calendar is by invitation only, and authorized to trained users only.
  7. Please delete your online booking if you wish to cancel your slot.
  8. Booking for the next month starts on the last week of the current month.

Booking (Other NUHS Users)

  1. Operating hours: Fridays, 8.30 am to 5.30 pm.
  2. Maximum booking per slot is 3 hours, except for live cell imaging. Exceptions may be granted for booking of >3 hours or after 5.30 pm, on a case-by-case basis.
  3. Please fill in the booking form and e-mail it to at least 3 days prior to use.
Download Booking Form

Rules & Regulations for the usage of BD FACSCantoII Flow Cytometer

Use of machine

1. Only primary-trained and secondary-trained users are allowed to use the microscope.

  • Definition of primary-trained users: those who are trained by Zeiss and hold the Zeiss certificate.
  • Definition of secondary-trained users: those who are trained by a Zeiss-certificate holder. Adequate training should be provided by a primary-trained user from the same lab. Trainees can only start using the microscope independently when the trainer decides that they are competent to safely operate the machine. Primary- trained user should email Dr Yap Lai Lai with the name of secondary-trained user to request for access to booking calendar.
2. Please log in your details in the keys logbook upon collection of the microscope room key from MD7 Level 1. Please do not leave the key inside the microscope room unattended when you leave the room temporarily, nor take the key out of MD7. For a prolonged period of absence (e.g. lunch), please lock the door and either return the key to Level 1 or leave your phone number on the door where you can be contactable.

3. Please log in your Start time in the user logbook in the microscope room.

4. Please do not use gloves at the “No Gloves” areas, i.e. the computer, keyboard, mouse etc.

5. Procedures for switching on the system:
  • Switch on sequentially from switches #2 to #9.
  • Select Biochem User in the computer screen.
  • Click on the software, ZEN 2010. Choose “Start System” for new image acquisition.
  • For live cell imaging, open the valve of the CO2 tank gently (anti-clockwise) and check the CO2 level remaining in the tank (right gauge). Do not adjust the regulator knob connected to the CO2 tank which is pre-set to 1 bar (left gauge), nor adjust the Open/Close knob. To switch on the heating insert, heating chamber unit and CO2, go to “Ocular” and “Incubation” in the ZEN 2010, click to check “Channel 1” (heating insert) and “Channel 2” (heating chamber unit) under “Temperature”, and “CO2” under “Atmosphere”. The default settings are 37oC, 37oC and 5%, respectively. Alternatively, you may use the TFT touchscreen by choosing “Microscope” and “Incubation” to switch on the heating for heating insert (labeled “H Insert P”) and heating chamber unit (labeled “H Unit XL”), and release of CO2 (labeled “CO2 Small V”). Please ensure that the level of sterile water in the bottle connected to the CO2 tubing in the chamber is between the minimum and maximum level. Please ignore this step 5.d. if you are not doing live cell imaging.

6. Please lower the objectives (click “Load Position” on the TFT touchscreen) before removing the slide to prevent scratching of lens.

7. Please clean the immersion oil off the 40x/63x/100x objectives using 100% ethanol and lens paper immediately before switching to another objective to prevent dripping of oil and soiling the sides of the objectives.

8. Please do not adjust any buttons or knobs other than those taught during the training.

9. Please save all your data in D drive only. Any files saved on the desktop or other drives will be removed without notice. Please note that regular clearing up of the disk space will also be performed at the end of every month, and any data more than 3 months old will be deleted without further notice.

10. Procedures for standby/shutdown:
  • Please select the 5x objective.
  • If you are doing live cell imaging, switch off the heating insert, heating chamber unit, and CO2 by unchecking Channel 1, Channel 2 and CO2 in ZEN2010, or select “Off” using TFT touchscreen. Close the valve of the CO2 tank gently (clockwise).
  • If the next user is using within the next 30 minutes, please do not turn any switches off.
  • If the next user is using within the next 30 minutes to 1 hour, please switch off #9 (X-Cite lamp) and #8 (idle-run switch) to idle for standby mode. The next user can switch #8 to run and switch on #9 when ready to use.
  • If the next user is using more than 1 hour later, please turn off all switches in reverse order from #9 (X-Cite lamp) to #2 (safety lock) for a complete shutdown. After switching off #7 (key on Ar-ML laser), please wait for the fan to stop (~10 min) before switching off the rest. To turn off #6 (computer), please shut down the PC.
  • Please clean the immersion oil off the 40x/63x/100x objectives using 100% ethanol and lens paper.

11. Special instruction for X-Cite lamp: when it is switched on, leave it on for a minimum of 15 minutes before switching it off and when it is off, leave it off for a minimum of 15 minutes before switching it on.

12. Please log in the End time and CO2 level (for live cell imaging) in the user logbook at the end of your usage. Please alert Miss Dr Yap Lai Lai when the CO2 level drops to 20 bar (red mark on the right gauge of the regulator).

13. Please ensure that the microscope room is securely locked upon exit. Please return the microscope room key immediately to MD7 Level 1 and log in the return time in the keys logbook.

Click Here to download PDF version


1. The usage of the microscope will be charged quarterly according to the following rates:

Users Rate/hour
Department of Biochemistry S$30.00
Other NUHS users S$35.00

2. Training is compulsory for first-time users, and can be arranged upon request. Training charges may apply.
3. Please refer to SOP for cost-sharing (Department of Biochemistry users) for cost-sharing of Confocal Microscopy System.


PI-in-charge Core Facilities Manager Address
A/P Tang Bor Luen

+65 6516 1040
Dr. Yap Lai Lai

+65 6516 8891
Department of Biochemistry
Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine
National University of Singapore
8 Medical Drive
Singapore, 117596

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