Leica CM3050S Cryostat


The Leica CM3050S Cryostat is suitable for the demanding needs of cryosectioning in biomedical, neuro-anatomical and pharmaceutical research. The Leica CM3050 S cryostat features superior user comfort with excellent safety standards for practically all types of cryosectioning applications. The precise specimen orientation and the specimen feed system guarantees reproducible, thin, serial sections of maximum quality, especially when working with delicate specimens. The precise specimen orientation and the specimen feed system via step motor allow reproducible thin sections of maximum quality when working with large specimen.


The Leica CM3050S cryostat is very versatile and easy to operate. Its key features include:
  • Precision – The precise specimen orientation and the specimen feed system via step motor allow reproducible think sections of maximum quality when working with large specimens.
  • Efficiency – Highly efficient insulating materials to enhance durability of the refrigerating system and support stable cryochamber temperatures; independent refrigeration system ensures powerful specimen temperature control and rapid temperature changes.
  • Spacious – The easily accessible cryochamber provides large space for convenient handling and specimen storage.
  • Functional – The lateral displacement feature of the knife holder CE for disposable blades allows the use of the entire blade.
  • Convenient – A preselected number of sections can be carried out in both sectioning and trimming mode with the reverse section counter. Section thickness totalizer and counter with reset button facilitates target preparation, promoting fast trimming between levels.

Technical Specifications:

  • Section thickness setting: 0.5 to 300 µm
  • Maximum specimen size: 40 mm X 55 mm
  • Horizontal specimen feed: 25 mm
  • Vertical specimen stroke: 59 mm
  • Specimen retraction: 50 µm
  • Specimen precision orientation: by 8o (x/y/z axis)
  • Trimming: 5 to 150 µm in steps of 5, 10, 30, 50, 100 and 150 µm
  • Motorized coarse feed at two speeds: 500 µm/s and 1000 µm/s
Cutting Motor
  • Cutting speed ranges: 0.1 mm/s to 160 mm/s, 0.1 mm/s to 100 mm/s, Vmax 210 mm/s Cryochamber, Cooling via separate refrigeration system
  • Temperature setting range: 0oC to -40oC
  • Defrosting: Programmable, one automatic defrost cycle per 24 hr duration; manual defrosting
  • Freezing shelf temperature: ~ -43oC at ambient temperature of 22oC

Operating Hours

Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday, 8.30 am – 8.30 pm daily.

For night usage after 6.30 pm, please kindly inform Dr Yap Lai Lai at bchlly@nus.edu.sg, at least 3 days prior to use.

Rules & Regulations for the usage of Leica CM3050S Cryostat
Use of machine
1. Please log in your details and usage time in the instrument user logbook located next to the instrument.
2. Please ensure that the instrument is kept clean by removing all samples and freezing materials and the chamber door is closed and the light is switched off after use.
3. Please send your risk assessment for the use of the cryostat before using the instrument.
4. All users must be properly trained on the use of the cryostat. Please contact Dr Yap Lai Lai for training (email: bchyll@nus.edu.sg; Tel: 6516 8891).


Department of Biochemistry users Other NUS/NUHS users
$10 per hour $15 per hour


Core Facilities Manager Address
Dr. Yap Lai Lai
+65 6516 8891
Department of Biochemistry
Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine
National University of Singapore
8 Medical Drive
Singapore, 117596

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